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Adolph Bolm Collections



Library of Congress
Open Monday - Saturday
Music Division (location of Olaf Bolm's collection from his father's archives, and Rosalind deMille's collection from her and her mother's archives)
101 Independence Avenue SE
Washington, D.C. 20540
United States
Wandering Dancer by Cyrus Parker-Jeanette

Syracuse University (location of Adolph Bolm's collection provided by Beata and Olaf Bolm upon Adolph's passing)
Syracuse, NY
United States

Newberry Library
Chicago, Illinois
United States

New York Public Library
Dance Division
New York, NY
United States

Ruth Page Foundation
Chicago, Illinois
United States



PLEASE NOTE: This is only a modest beginning, listing the Adolph Bolm collections around the world. If you know of one, I would appreciate you submitting that information so I can include it on this page.

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