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Adolph Bolm as
Son and Brother

Adolph left Russia to pursue his ballet career in Europe, and later in the United States. He received word from his homeland while in Europe that a war was expected, and he was given a short amount of time to attempt to recover his financial assets and return. He was unable to return to Russia, and consequently he was unable to visit his parents for some time.


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Spellings of Adolph Bolm's name found in his papers:

Adolph Bolm
Adolphe Bolm
Adolf Bolm
Adolph Rudolphovich Bolm
Adolph Rudolph Bolm
Adolph Emil Bolm

His parents and brothers escaped, and they all met in Riga in 1925 or 1926 one more time. The pictures below show the last time Adolph saw his parents and brothers, though his mother continued to write to him in the United States.

Adolph also had a sister, who apparently did not escape.

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