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Ann Barzel's Notes
on Adolph Bolm

(from Newberry Library, Chicago)



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Spellings of Adolph Bolm's name found in his papers:

Adolph Bolm
Adolphe Bolm
Adolf Bolm
Adolph Rudolphovich Bolm
Adolph Rudolph Bolm
Adolph Emil Bolm

Born - Sept. 23, 1884 (father, concert master and assistant conductor in an Imperial theatre in St. Petersberg)

Principal teachers: Karsavin and Legat

Graduated Imperial Academy in 1904

1904 - visited capitals of western Europe
1908 - arranged Pavlowa tour and travelled Scandinavian countries and England
1909 - danced in Berlin with Pavlowa
1909 - danced in the Empire Theater, London with Lydia Kyasht
1909 - danced in Paris with Diaghilev Ballet
1911 - resigned from Imperial Ballet
1911 - ballet director for opera in Monaco (danced with Zaqmbelli)
1912 - rejoined Diaghilev
1916 and 1917 - danced and directed Diaghilev Ballet in America
1917 - staged Coq d'Or for the Metropolitan Opera in New York; Bolm as King Dodon, Rosina Galli as the Princess
1918 - Petrushka at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, Bolm as Petrushka
1919 - Birthday of the Infanta for Chicago Opera
1917 - 1927 - Ballet Intime in America and England
1924 - Ballet director of Chicago Opera
1924 - 1927 - Allied Arts Ballet in Chicago
1925 - Appeared in Buenos Aires; danced and staged ballets
1928 - choreographed Apollon Musagetes (Stravinsky)
1931 - Hollywood (Mad Genius)
1932 - Hollywood Bowl: Ballet Mecanique (Mosolov)
1932 - San Francisco Opera Ballet
1933 - Bach Cycle for San Francisco Opera Ballet
1940 - Ballet Theatre, Peter and the Wolf
1940 - Hollywood Bowl; Firebird with choreography by Bolm, decor by Remissoff, Nana Gollner in title role
1945 - Firebird for Ballet Theatre; decor by Marc Chagall
1947 - Mephisto (Litszt) for San Francisco Ballet
1951 - died in Los Angeles, April 16

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